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Sycamore Class

Welcome to Sycamore Class (Year 5)

Our Class Newsletter


Terms 3 & 4

Happy New Year 2018! I hope you had a great Christmas and found time to relax with your family and friends. Firstly, can I say thanks for the warm welcome you’ve all given me (children and parents) in and out of school- I appreciate it. We hit the ground running in term 2 and the children seem to be enthusiastic about their learning! 😊

Here’s a rough guide to what we’ll be looking at during the Spring Term.



ü Ancient Greek Myths and Legends (Reading)

ü Information booklet based on Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

ü More Poetry!

ü Daily grammar or spelling focus

ü Weekly spelling test

ü Weekly class comprehension

ü Weekly guided reading groups

ü Weekly 1:1 reading to an adult


ü Continuation of Multiplication and Division

ü Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

ü Weekly times tables practise

ü Weekly problem-solving tasks


ü Ancient Greece and its Empire

ü Myths and Legends

ü Alexander the Great

ü The Olympics


ü Forces- Gravity, Friction & Machines (DT- build a machine)

ü Investigations and experiments


ü Tag Rugby

ü Health, Fitness and Resilience

ü The Greek Olympics

ü More running!



ü Clay modelling (Greek style pots and vases)

ü Portrait project:

ü Famous portrait painters

ü Sketching using observation

ü Painting techniques


ü Microsoft Office

ü Using the internet effectively and safely

ü Typing-up and designing Greek Gods Information Booklet


ü Stories of faith- looking at Bible stories from the Old and New Testament

ü How are they relevant today?


ü Music from other countries and cultures

ü What is our ‘Sound of Home?’


ü With the fantastic Madame Kernick!


ü ‘What’s it like to be in Year 5?’

ü Showing resilience when things get tough

ü Dealing with emotions


ü Homework given Thursdays, due in Tuesdays

ü PE kit needs to be in every day

ü Children should be enjoying a book/magazine/blog at home

If you have any questions, queries or want to chat about how your child is doing, please pop in before or after school any day. Or send me an email to Parents Evenings will be held on 6th and 7th February 2018.


For your reference: My wife is expecting our third child any day now so when this happens I’ll be off school for 2 weeks. I’ll make sure the teacher covering has my plans, so no learning time should be wasted and none of the above will be missed out! They will of course have the steadfast and inspirational Miss Balchin and Mrs Sambridge as usual! 😊


Mr Chris Barnes, Sycamore Class Teacher

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