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December 2021 Newsletter

Head Teachers’ message


Less than two weeks to Christmas Day!  It has been brilliant to be able to invite some of you into school to share our version of the Nativity - it seems such a long time since we have been able to do this. For those of you unable to visit, there is a recording on our website. Our children are also looking forward to a visit to the Church and to 'Christmas Rock' with Mr Hole and his band towards the end of this week.  We are so grateful to have made it to the end of term with all staff and children covid-free - thank you so much for PCR-ing when we ask and for remaining vigilant about illness. We suspect the New Year will not have any fewer covid complications but are hopeful that, by working together with you, the knock-on effect in our school will not be too great.

Weldon Parish Council have asked us to wish all children, staff and parents a Merry Christmas.

Kirstin Howarth & Lesley Middleton


Staff News

We said goodbye to Mrs Claire Chambers, our Lunchtime Supervisor, this week. Mrs Chambers has been involved with our school for twenty years so will be much missed by us.


Mrs Joy Still, our Year 4 Teaching Assistant, gave birth to Lauren Hope last month, our congratulations and love to her family.


We have welcomed new staff to our school recently. Mrs Katie Urquhart and Miss Rachel Cooksley both started as Teaching Assistants in Reception Class and Miss Tilly Hawksworth is our new Lunchtime Supervisor and Extended Provision Assistant.



Sporting Achievement

We had a Year 3+4 football team compete last week in a Primary School Tournament and our team came second! Well done to Tom, Cody, Jake H, Seb, Lexis, Riley, Buddy and Keilin you all played really well and made us proud.



Jackson's Bread

We recently received a donation of bread for our breakfast/after school club and this was very gratefully received and enjoyed! Jacksons asked us to share with you all that they are currently recruiting so if you, or anyone you know, is interested then do get in touch with them.

Christmas in School

A video of our Nativity has been uploaded onto our school website, look under the Children tab, Video Resource Centre. The children looked wonderful in their costumes, we’ve shared some photographs on their class pages too.

Weldon Church have a Christmas Experience Day planned for us all on Wednesday 15th December, this is also Christmas Lunch day. Our school will be attending a Church Christmas Service on Thursday 16th December in school at 2pm and on our last day the children have a concert to enjoy - Christmas Rock with our Music Teacher’s Band.

Children will be allowed to wear their Christmas jumpers every day now as we have lots of Christmas activities going on, including our Christmas lunch day on Wednesday.

Reminder – we close at 1.30pm on Friday 17 December for the Christmas holidays.




Walking to school via Chapel Road has become rather chaotic recently; drivers are parking with no consideration to others. We have asked the police to support our school by carrying out random checks, but if we receive photos and/or number plates, we will report to the police.

May we please remind everyone the yellow zig zags are there to provide a safe zone for children walking to school, not for dropping off when you are running late!!

We are looking at purchasing parking zone bollards to ensure everyone gets the message:


We raised £226.20 selling the Poppy Appeal items and the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal have asked that we thank you for your support.


We would like to form a new PTFA committee to organise and run events in school. We put out a request for volunteers on our last newsletter but had no-one get in touch. If you are interested in being part of the committee (we’d need a chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and a band of willing named members), please could you contact Lesley or Kirstin via email in the first instance.





Tuesday 4th January – Training Day – school closed to children

Wednesday 5th January - Training Day – school closed to children

Thursday 6th January – Term 3 starts (Spring 1), school re-opens to children







We'll leave you with a Christmas we travel again with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, may we sense the presence of God accompanying us on life’s journey, through all our momentous trials and tribulations.  We hope you enjoy this wonderful portrayal of the nativity story, set to the words of Amy Grant’s ‘Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)’Amy Grant Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song) - The Nativity Story - YouTube (film version) & Amy Grant - Breath Of Heaven - YouTube (with lyrics and pictures), which brings the perils and joys of the nativity to life in our very fragile and extraordinarily precious world.


We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and healthy new year.

As always, many thanks for your continued support. Please do not hesitate to contact Lesley Middleton or Kirstin Howarth, should you need.


Lesley Middleton -

Kirstin Howarth -