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A huge welcome back to our school – it has been brilliant to have our children back and all have settled very well into their new classes. I’d also like to formally welcome Sean Osler, our Y3 teacher to school – his Y3 class all seem very happy with him! Likewise, I’d like to welcome Gaynor Kinloch back – she is returning on a Friday in KS2 (Y3-Y6) to teach Grammar and, after October half term, French. Mrs Kinloch replaces Steve Hollingshurst who has returned to work at the university this year, and who will be very much missed at Weldon.


Below is some info that you may find useful.


Moving Learning Forward

Like all schools in our PDET Trust, we are currently testing all children from Y2 upwards. This is so that we have a clear understanding of where your child is and so that we can tailor teaching and intervention to ensure all our children make progress in their learning. Parents of children in these year groups will receive a data report once we have compiled these – it is a start point for your child this year. Y1 will receive a teacher assessed report. Parents of any child significantly below national expectation will be contacted so we can discuss with you how best we may close the gaps.

As always, attitude plays a huge part in your child’s success and all staff are delighted that the majority of children in their classes have returned with respectful and positive attitudes to learning. They are a credit to you.


Covid19 Update

Thank you too, to the vast majority of you, who have respected our Covid19 guidelines, helping to keep our school safe. I fully realise some of these arrangements may throw a few challenges for those of you who work, and appreciate you working around a few difficulties.

Our aim is to protect our children and our staff so that we limit the chance of a bubble having to close, and a large group of children having to return to distance learning. As a reminder, we ask that you are mindful of the following:

  • Only one parent / adult per family group should enter our premises with your child/ren
  • Please do not arrive earlier than your ten minute arrival time; this will prevent groups of parents gathering at the gate. Your children cannot enter earlier as we need to have staggered times for hand-washing on entry to our building. We also request that if you arrive early you do not wait in front of our neighbours homes, please wait in the play park.
  • Please respect the 2m (or 1m plus) guidance when talking with other parents.
  • Please do not reason that ‘our children are in the same bubble’ to gather, as parents, in large groups outside of school
  • Please note that our site is a smoke-free and dog-free zone.
  • Should your child bring a scooter or bike to school, please ensure they do not use this on our grounds; they need to walk it in and use it only having left our premises. This is to prevent accidents.
  • Should we need to close a bubble, a mixture of live teaching and internet based teaching will take place.
  • Should your child be on 14 day quarantine, our teachers will seek to provide you with English and Maths links and work, in addition to signposting you to relevant parts of Oak National Academy
  • There is further guidance for Parents and Children on our website, and also attached. Please read it!


Bubbles and Before & After School Club

From today we are growing some of our bubbles to bubbles of 60 outside. This is for two reasons: 1) so that we can slowly mix bubbles in anticipation of reinstating before and after school club, 2) so that lunch time becomes more effectively managed for your children and 3) so that our Y1 children still have some access to our EYFS outdoor area.

Therefore at lunchtimes, Y5/6 will bubble, Y3/4 will bubble and YrR/1 will bubble. If all runs smoothly we will seek to expand these bubbles to playtimes, and in the hall, before expanding to Key Stages, and then re-opening Before and After School provision. Clearly if there are local reasons why this needs limiting, we will adapt our thinking and provision accordingly.

We know some of you are very reliant of the wrap-around provision and are working to return this swiftly, whilst protecting the safety of our staff.


Curriculum Update

Our curriculum has been fully revised over lockdown, resulting in a high quality curriculum with links across and between subjects and year groups. This ensures that all subjects from Art, to RE to Geography are covered in a logical sequence building on prior learning and prepping children for new learning.

We are currently uploading many documents to our school website. Under the Curriculum tab (some documents will also be on the class pages) you will shortly be able to locate:

Details about our Curriculum, Reading, Phonics and Maths curriculum

Long Term Plans for all classes, giving you an overview of what will be taught in your child’s class over the year

Curriculum News – more detailed information plans for parents, which may help you to continue to support learning at home. This replaces the class letters that some of you may have been used to, and provides subject specific details.



For this month, we ask that all children in our school focus on their reading. Whilst standards have undoubtedly risen rapidly at Weldon (our Maths & Writing results and progress are now in the top 10% nationally – from the bottom 10% when I arrived 3 years ago), reading remains a priority for Weldon. All classes have reading attainment as a priority this year and with your help, we can really improve our reading standards too – meaning that your children  are well equipped for success in secondary schools when they leave us. All classes have an excellent selection of books, which your children bring home daily. Please ensure that you spend between 15-30 minutes per day listening to your child read, in addition to discussing the text/ story with them, asking them questions, and thinking about what might happen / has happened and why. Reading with your child is equally as essential in our older classes, when parental input tends to drop off as the child can read. Reading together with you will aid their fluency, their vocab development and their comprehension. Equally, in our younger classes, a daily focus on the phonics sent by the teacher, together with a phonic book will really help a younger child become a reader.

As we reach half term, Maths and comprehension homework will be re-instated, alongside the reading. Many thanks for your anticipated support.


Improvements to School

Over the summer we started our redecoration programme in school. Whilst you can’t yet admire the work, the hall, entrance hall and most internal corridors have been redecorated. We’re awaiting a new carpet in the entrance and will continue re-decoration over the next 12 months with a view to the entire school having had a lick of paint by this time next year.

A huge stock of non-fiction books for class projects has been purchased and are in classes

We are currently costing a Daily Mile track for our field, and hope to have that up and running in the not-too-distant future. All children (and staff) will be encouraged to complete a daily mile in a bid to increase fitness and wellbeing this year.

The driveway down to school is due to be fully resurfaced on Saturday 12th September. If you could tell as many people as possible about this, we are hopeful no-one will park there between 7am and 6pm that day.

Finally, we are hoping to re-new all our (very outdated) IT equipment and computer suite this term. Undoubtedly we are really missing the PFTA funding, having missed June Rose Day and many fund-raising opportunities this term – if you can help –or know of any company that might financially support such developments, then please let us know. Thank you.


Lastly, as always, if you have any concerns or worries (or just a positive message – I loved the lockdown messages: thank you!), please get in touch either by email ( or phone. I’m currently working splitting my time between here and Isham in full days, so 3 days one week and two the next. If you need to talk to me on an Isham day, I am available on 01536 723956. Of course, Lesley Middleton, our Head of School, is always available at Weldon.


Here's to a great year, and thank you for all your continued support.




Kirstin Howarth

Exec Head teacher