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Year 2 Newsletter

Terms 3 & 4




Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you so much for all the lovely cards and gifts, it really was very thoughtful and generous of you all.

We would like to give a big welcome to Mrs Barrowman who will be teaching on Monday afternoons, Mrs Regan who will be teaching music on a Monday morning and Mrs Middleton who will cover maths.


We would like to share what your child will be learning in Terms 3 and 4 (until Easter) and any other information which may help you to support your child at school. Our topic during these terms will be

The Earth and Beyond.


Our main class text will be ‘The Man on the Moon’ written by Simon Bartram.

We will also be exploring other fantasy stories written by various authors linked to our topic. This will culminate in the children writing their own fantasy stories. Our work in grammar will involve continued and extended use of correct punctuation, conjunctions, adverbs, adjectives and correct verb tenses. In addition, we will also be using the internet to find out information about famous astronauts and creating an information book.



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History and Geography

This half term the children will gain an understanding of the main aspects behind important historical events. They will recognise why people did things, why events happened and what happened as a result.

They will recognise why people sent animals into space and know a little about the lives of significant people and recognise their names (Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, Tim Peake, etc.)


Art and Design

Using the topic Space we shall be exploring colour and shade to create space themed drawings and paintings and designing and making moon buggies, spaceships and space food.



The main focus will be ‘Materials’ but the children will also have the opportunity to link their science with the space topic. They will understand that people need air, water and warmth and that science and technology have enabled us to travel in space and have these things.



The children will further their understanding of word processing and will learn to use search engines in order to find out information. They will research Space and other planets and how to combine images and text into a presentation.



The first half term we will be focusing on Dreams and Goals and during the second half term of spring we will be exploring how to stay healthy.



This term the class will work with Mrs Regan to explore rhythm and pulse; pentatonic scale.


Religious Education

As a class we will be focusing on the Synagogue & Salvation.



This term, the children will be working on coordination and agility.

Year 2 PE is now on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please remember to take your child’s earrings out on PE days and fasten up any long hair/long fringes with soft hair bands. Parents of girls - remember to include a pair of socks if your child wears tights. If your child is unable to remove their own earrings they will be unable to participate in PE for health and safety reasons.



Our library time is on Fridays. Children can take out a maximum of two books and keep them for two weeks. Please encourage your child to read their library books and return both books regularly.



Homework activities will continue to be sent home every Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. In addition, your child will be expected to learn their spellings which they will be tested every Wednesday and all children are expected to read every night. May we request that you continue to write a comment each time you hear your child read. Thank you for your support last term.



We are currently putting together a plan for a trip to The National Space Centre and will send out a letter nearer to the visit with full details.



Celebration assemblies will continue to be held on Thursdays at 3.00pm. Parents/Carers are welcome to attend these assemblies, please refer to our school website calendar for more information. Our class assembly has not yet been scheduled, we will contact families once a date has been set.



We would like the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your child’s needs and progress. Two evenings are to be held on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th February. However, if you wish to discuss your child before this, or at any other time, you are welcome to make an appointment. If you need to speak with either teacher before school please ask at the school office first, thank you.


We thank you for your continued support, please do not hesitate to pop in and see us if there is any further information you need.


Mrs Jackson, Mrs Barrowman, Mrs Regan, Mrs Gumbeer and Mrs Middleton.

(Year 2 Teachers)