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Term 5 & 6 2018


Welcome back! I hope you all had an excellent Easter break, are fully refreshed and ready to embrace our very busy Summer Term.


English - Prior to the SATs the children will have GPS revision sessions on a daily basis. The Yr5/6 statutory spelling lists will be our main focus; this list has at least one word based around a spelling rule, please encourage your child to identify other words that follow the same rule and help them to include those verbally into a sentence.


We will continue to produce extended pieces of writing frequently running up to SATs and will partake in several writing projects following SATs week too. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to demonstrate the progress they have made throughout the year; the pieces of writing are also used for the moderation process and will help to determine which writing level your child has attained.


Our guided reading novel for the term is Street Child by Berlie Doherty. We will begin reading this together as part of our end of day story and look at it more closely after SATs.


Maths - In the lead up to SATs we will be focusing on revising all aspects of the KS2 curriculum on a daily basis. Arithmetic is the area of the SATs paper where the children can gain the most marks with ease so please continue to practise arithmetic at home. We will also be engaging in a range of reasoning and problem solving activities and investigations to embed Maths learning. This is where the children have a chance to apply their mathematics knowledge in context.


Throughout this term the children shall begin developing their Pupil Profiles which will be submitted into their Year Book.


Science – Due to the depth of study on last term’s science topic we did not have the opportunity to explore the Electricity Unit. This will be our focus for the first term where we will focus on exploring how the number/voltage cells effect the brightness of a bulb/volume of a buzzer. The second term will include our Science Week which is from 21st to  25th  May. At some point during the week I am hoping to invite you in to class to take part in a few science tasks with your child. I will inform you of the details nearer the time. The second term will look at classifying different animals.


RE – Words of Wisdom will be continued from last term and then we will focus on Religions within our Local Community. For this unit we will be looking at the diverse range of religions that we have in our local community and how they work together.


French - continues on Friday afternoons with Madame Kernick.


Music – continues on Friday afternoons with Mrs Gray.


PSHE - Our main focus this term will be on relationships and changes with the focus on getting ready for moving on to secondary school. Year 6 will also focus on P4C (Philosophy for Children) and as part of our learning we will engage the children in short philosophy style discussions based on topical/topical issues. This will encourage their deeper thinking and debating skills and hopefully help them to gain the confidence to vocalise their opinion and shown how to accept that other view-points may differ from their own.


MINDFULNESS – We will continue to explore how mindfulness can help us relax and focus on the ‘here and now’. We will learn some breathing strategies to help us unwind when we may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed which will be beneficial during their KS2 assessments. I will be inviting you in to school to see what we have been doing and hopefully encourage you to experience a mindfulness session yourself too!!


We shall be continuing to follow the Real PE scheme of work as well as a new and exciting unit we have in school. Within this term there shall be a focus on athletics in preparation for the Welland Valley Sports Event and our school Sports Day, as well as dance where we will be preparing for June Rose Day and then our end of term production. PE will usually be on Wednesdays but it is helpful to have PE kits in school at all times, as we may need to change PE slots at short notice.


RESIDENTIAL – Our Year 6 residential is planned for 25th to 29th June 2018. I shall hold a meeting in the last week of Summer 1 regarding kit lists and details of the visit. If you require any further information in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact the office.


HOMEWORK - Homework will be in the SAT Buster booklets and will continue to be given on Thursdays and to be returned on Tuesdays. Can I thank everyone who has sent in a contribution towards the cost of these books already; any donation received is greatly appreciated. Please encourage your children to aim for high levels of presentation, as with any other schoolwork. Black biro pen or pencil must only be used.


As part of your child’s homework, and to help them develop a love of reading, your child should be reading their school reading book for at least ten minutes every day and recording this in their reading record. Please ensure your child does this and encourage them to read any other books, magazines or comics they enjoy.


ASSEMBLY - Celebration Assemblies will continue to be held on Thursdays at 3pm; Singing Assemblies are every other Friday at 9.00am. Parents/Carers are welcome to attend these assemblies, please refer to our school website calendar for more information. Our Leaver’s Assembly will be on the children’s last day at our school, Friday 20th July 2018 at 9.00am.


LUNCH CLUB - Throughout this term, I will be running a lunch club, on Mondays, in the Sunshine Room. The children (if they wish to attend) and I will spend some quality time chatting and relaxing whilst eating our lunch. This will be from 12.15 – 12.45, so the children will still be able to take advantage of getting some fresh air too. If your child has a hot meal, they will be able to collect it and bring it into the Sunshine Room.


OPEN EVENING - As well as our residential kit Parents’ Evening, I would like to invite you to an Open Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 11th July 2018. Here you will have the opportunity to look at your child’s work for the year and reflect on all of their achievements.


After reviewing the children’s results from the Mock SATs, children have been identified to work in small groups with either myself, Mrs Christy, Mrs Sambridge and Mrs Kirby. In addition, Mrs Brown will continue to facilitate some Booster sessions in Maths and Reading Comprehension this term. Rest assured, whoever is working with your child we will continue to provide a learning environment where they can be suitably encouraged and challenged. All is asked of your child, is that they continue to attend the groups with a positive attitude and then apply what they have learnt into all other curriculum areas - with this combination, success is in their grasp!!


On behalf of all the Year 6 team, can I thank you for your continued support in helping us prepare your child for the KS2 assessments but more importantly, in helping them with their transition from primary to secondary school.


Best Wishes


Mrs Kinloch


Year 6 Teacher

Year 6 Residential - June 2018