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Year 6

Newsletter Term 1 & Term 2 2018


Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and feel suitably refreshed to begin Year 6. My name is Mrs Kinloch and I will be the Class Teacher. I am really looking forward to providing a learning environment where you can be suitably encouraged and challenged in order for you to give your best at all times. We are very fortunate to have Mrs Christy as our full time HLTA who will be working with you all within the classroom as well as With such provision and the continued support from your grown-ups, I am in no doubt that combined with your effort and positive attitude to learning, you will all progress well and have a successful time in Year 6.


Below is an outline of what your child will be learning in Terms 1 & 2 (until Christmas) and any other information that will help you support your child.


TOPIC - this term will have a cultural focus on America; this will include locating America, identifying states, reading maps and key topographical features. It will explore American culture, food and America as a holiday destination, in addition to exploring the culture of the Native American Indians.


SCIENCE – Linking to the above topic, our science focus will be on light and electricity…with a link through Edison who was an American inventor and businessman. He developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long-lasting, practical electric light bulb.


This year we will continue using ‘Talk for Writing’ (T4W) throughout our lessons. This is based on the thinking and creative processes involved in ‘being a writer’, including knowing how to generate and develop ideas; drawing on a breadth of reading and understanding how to draft, refine and improve writing. Your child will be writing a range of different genres and am certain you will enjoy reading some of them when you have the opportunity to come in to school for Consultation Evenings etc. To help your child, it would be beneficial if you continued to read stories to them at least 3 times a week. By doing this, your child will have the opportunity to access a book that is pitched a little higher than their own reading ability, which in turn gives them the exposure to a wider range of vocabulary. As you discover the more adventurous words or wonderful descriptive phrases, please encourage your son/daughter to write them in their Reading Record book as this can act as a gentle reminder for them to include them in their writing in school.


We are continuing to ensure that we all become masters of the mathematics curriculum. As a result, we shall begin this term looking at the place value of numbers. Once it is clear that we are all secure in our understanding here we shall begin looking at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division before spending most of Term 2 focusing upon fractions. During this time, the children will be encouraged to use maths equipment, draw pictures and use abstract approaches to help them solve maths challenges and demonstrate their understanding in greater depth. It goes without saying that ALL pupils should be fluent in their times tables up to 12 x 12, in random order, by the end of Year 4. With that in mind, I urge you to encourage your son/daughter to practise them every night for a few minutes.


COMPUTING - Our unit this term will begin by revising the importance of staying safe on the internet. It is the responsibility of the adults at school as well as the adults at home, to monitor your child’s online activities and have open discussions about keeping safe online.


RE - Sikhism will be our topic this term. In Sikhism, we will be striving to answer the question “ What is important to Sikhs living in Britain today?”


PSHE/MINDFULNESS – We will be following Unit 1 of the Jigsaw PSHE programme. We will also be exploring how mindfulness can help us relax and focus on the ‘here and now’. We will learn some breathing strategies to help us unwind when we may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed and it is hoped that these lessons will become part of your child’s every day coping mechanism.


FRENCH - Your child shall continue to work with Madame Kernick on a Friday afternoon.


P.E. – We shall be continuing to follow the Real PE scheme of work as well as a new and exciting unit we have in school. Our first term shall focus on gymnastics skills and our second shall investigate football through dance. NB: PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday each week, but it is helpful to have PE kits in school at all times. Please remember to take your child’s earrings out on PE days if they are unable to remove their own earrings otherwise they will be excluded from PE for health and safety reasons. Any long hair/long fringes should be tied up with hair bands. Remember to include a pair of socks if your child wears tights. PE kits will be sent home every few weeks for washing.

Please ensure all clothing such as sweatshirts, cardigans, PE kits and footwear is clearly labelled.


HOMEWORK - Homework is given out on Thursday and to be returned no later than the following Tuesday. Please encourage your children to aim for high levels of presentation, as with any other schoolwork. For example, Maths should be completed in pencil and include written methods where indicated and English books should be completed in black pen with joined handwriting and complete sentences where applicable.


As part of your child’s homework and to help them develop a love of reading, your child should be reading for at least 10 minutes every day and recording this in their reading record. Regardless of reading level, I also ask that you listen to your child read at least 3 times a week as reading out loud enables your child to hear where they need to use expression; recognise the use of punctuation and identify its function in order to help them read with expression or pause at key points within the text.


Curriculum Objectives state that by the end of Year 4, children should be able to recall all times tables up to x 12. I would therefore encourage all pupils to practise these for 5 minutes every evening. This continued effort at home will pay dividends in class and help to improve your child’s progress within Maths over the academic year. Each week the children will be given spellings to learn. These will be assessed in the form of a dictation task and will be based around the statutory Year 5 and 6 words. However, we are also aware that your child needs to be secure in spelling the Year 3 and 4 word list too, so we will be giving your son/daughter both lists – Yr5/6 will be stapled in their Reading Record book and the Yr3/4 list will be a loose sheet which can be placed in a prominent place at home. Each week they will be informed of the words we are going to focus on within the dictation tasks but again the expectation is that your child will also practise - for 5 minutes every evening - any of the Year 3 and 4 words on the spelling list that they are not able to write accurately. Playing games such as Hangman or Scrabble are both great ways to help with spelling revision.


ASSEMBLY - Celebration assembly will continue to be held on Thursday afternoons. Please refer to the assembly schedule on our school website for any further information. Our class assembly will be our Leaver’s Assembly on the children’s last day at our school.


CONSULTATION EVENINGS - I would like the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your child’s needs and progress. Two evenings are to be held on the 17th and 18th October 2018. However, if you wish to discuss your child before this or at any time throughout the year, you are welcome to make an appointment via the school office.



We welcome your children having water bottles in school however, due to limited time and water machines we have asked Year 6 children to take their bottles home every night and fill them up before coming to school the following morning. This allows your child to then access teaching and learning promptly in the morning.



Our class residential is planned for 24th June to 28th June 2019 and may we remind families that the full payment is required by 1st April 2019. I shall hold a parent’s meeting later in the year regarding kit lists and details of the visit. If you require any further information in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Best Wishes


Mrs Kinloch

Year 6 Teacher