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Year 4 Newsletter

Term 5 & Term 6 2018


Firstly, can I say how much I am looking forward to teaching in Year 4! The weather is picking up and I’m sure we’ll have a happy summer term together. The children will, of course, continue to be supported by the excellent and inspirational Mrs Still (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Kirby (Thurs & Fri). Thanks to those parents who have so far introduced themselves; I look forward to meeting the rest of you soon. We’ve got an action-packed term ahead of us…


Topic this term - Rainforests, exploring what they are and where they exist in the world. Also, climate, structure and deforestation.


English, reading - children will be given time to find a book they enjoy reading, that is appropriate for their ability. We’ll spend time each week sharing our books. We will have a weekly reading comprehension lesson.

Please read with your child every day and encourage them to read independently for pleasure.


English, writing- Children will be given the opportunity each week for extended fiction or non-fiction writing, using grammar that has been taught and knowledge gained about rainforests.


English, grammar- To begin with: Word classes, use of commas, inverted commas and use of clauses.


Maths- As a start point we will have revision of the 4 operations- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division incorporating decimals and problem solving. After this we will move on to geometry. There will be a weekly times tables session and test. Children need to be rehearsing their times tables at home religiously- it will help them so much in all areas of maths.


Science- Plants and living things, to support our understanding of the rainforest. Growing plants from seed in the class!


PE- Athletics and field games, outside. Please have PE kit in school every day as we may go out at short notice! Swimming on a Thursday afternoon beginning 26th April for 9 weeks. Please remove earrings and tie back long hair for PE, thanks.


Art- Looking at great artists, drawing from life and painting. Working in sketchbooks and on larger pieces, in and out of the classroom.


RE- Christianity. Using the children’s bibles to study stories of faith and how they are relevant today.


Computing- We will use the computers regularly to improve children’s browsing fluency and safety, knowledge of Microsoft Office, typing speed and digital creativity.


Music- African drumming and the sounds of the rainforest with Mrs Gray!


French- Continued by the fantastique Madam Kernick on Friday mornings.


PSHE- Class discussions about the importance of everyday values in and out of school, friendships and personal responsibility.


D&T- Using tools to build something out of wood. Splinters likely!


Homework- Sent out on a Thursday and due in on the Tuesday. A high level of effort and presentation is non-negotiable! 😊


Many thanks for your anticipated support, please feel free to pop in and see me any time before or after school if you have any comments or concerns. Failing that, I’m available via email on .



Chris Barnes, Year 4 Teacher