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Our PFTA Committee Needs Your Support


Our PFTA AGM was held in March 2020 and unfortunately not enough parents and carers came forward to make a new committee to take the PFTA forward into a new fundraising year.


What does this mean? Well it’s goodbye to the fete and bouncy castle fun on June Rose Day, goodbye to school discos, goodbye to lots of events. But worse than that, it’s goodbye to all the purchases their fundraising allows us to buy for school!


Please may we ask every adult to consider joining our PFTA committee. Without support this committee will fold and the fundraising will stop. We really need a Chair, a Vice-Chair and a Secretary.


We are hopeful we will be able to hold a meeting in Autumn 2020 and everyone will be invited to come along to find out what being a part of the PFTA is all about. We know when you work full time it is hard to commit to supporting fundraising events but we won’t ask you to give any more time than you can, every little helps!


Last year the PFTA team achieved their most successful fundraising year ever! The fundraising profits were £13,305 and £13,200 has already been spent. £12,000 is for the purchase of the new trim trail which is being installed in the Easter holidays and they also funded £900 of coach travel for the children and other smaller items. Last year the PFTA purchased £4,000 of new books, they’ve just bought some more books which are about to be given out to Key Stage 2 classes today!


Our next item on the Wish List is an all-weather running track so the children can complete a ‘daily mile’.


I would like to say a huge thank you to the former PFTA committee members, they were amazing at supporting our school and as previously mentioned it was best year ever for the amount raised. We are sad to lose members from our committee, their support and hard work was very much appreciated, but we understand their reasons for stepping down.


Kirstin Howarth, Executive Headteacher

Our PFTA now has a Facebook Page to keep you informed of events, check out: