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Terms 1 + 2



Welcome back to the children, we hope you all enjoyed the summer holidays. Your child is now in Year 2 and will be taught by Mrs Jackson (Tuesday to Friday), and Mrs Middleton and Mrs Gumbeer on a Monday. Our classroom support adult will be Mrs Sambridge.


Year 2 will be learning about lots of exciting things through our topic, ‘A Royal Ball’ focusing closely on castles.  We will be learning about what castles were like through a variety of fun and creative activities.


Our vision is to…

• Create challenging but realistic learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum.

• Encourage children’s natural curiosity about the world around them and interest in historical and geographical events.

• Provide children with opportunities to express themselves and promote creativity.

• Motivate children though unique experiences.

• Place no limits on where our learning can go, through child led learning and answering any questions that arise along the way.



Story writing - with a focus on using simple punctuation and story problems and solutions.

Grammar focus
1. Learn how to use punctuation correctly, including capital letters, full stops, question or exclamation marks.

  1.   Learn how to use sentences with different forms: statement, question, exclamation, command.

Information texts

This unit will focus on comparing books to information texts before researching and creating their own information pages on a pet.

 Grammar focus
1. Use expanded noun phrases to describe and specify, e.g. adjectives to describe nouns.

2. Learn how to use punctuation correctly, including capital letters, full stops, question or exclamation marks.

3. Learn how to use sentences with different forms: statement, question, exclamation, command.




Children will read and enjoy poems with repeating patterns. Then write some of their own about what you see when walking to school, focussing on using fantastic adjectives. Look at patterns in songs by learning, singing, writing and performing rounds.

Grammar focus
1. Use expanded noun phrases to describe and specify, e.g. adjectives to describe nouns.

  1.   Use and understand grammar terminology.  


























Week 12





Place Value





Number: Addition and Subtraction



Measurement: Money



Number: Multiplication and Division





During the Autumn Term, children will be learning about Everyday Materials.

The children will explore:

  • Commonly found materials and their properties including whether they are natural or manufactured
  • Materials that would make the best shields, armour, etc.
  • Children will have the opportunity to investigate which forces are used to operate a castles drawbridge and which material is best to create a catapult missile.


The Kings and Queens will teach the children about the significance of British Monarchs in history. Children will learn about Richard III, Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. The children will gain an awareness of the past and significant individuals through using time lines and making comparisons between periods in history.



The children will develop knowledge about the world, the United Kingdom and their locality. They will be able to name, locate and identify characteristics of the four countries and the capital cities of the United Kingdom.



The children will be looking at how to keep safe on the internet and exploring different programmes involving simple coding.



The children will be exploring descriptive sounds and arrangements. They will also have the opportunity to listen to medieval music.



The children will learn about Judaism and what the Torah is and why it is important for Jews. They will then explore the Festivals of Light Hanukah/Christmas.






Design &Technology

The children will look in detail at the features of medieval tools and then they will design their own. They will also have the opportunity to design and make their own castle models.



The children will be looking in detail at the Bayeux Tapestry, examine castle engravings and recreate watercolour castle in the style of James Paterson.



The theme for PSHE is ‘Being Me in My World’. The children will be reflecting on how to make others feel welcome, how to make our school community a better place, thinking about everyone’s right to learn, caring about other people’s feelings and how to work successfully, with others.


P.E. – Coordination and Balance

PE will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays but it is helpful to have PE kits in school at all times. Please remember to take your child’s earrings out on PE days and fasten up any long hair/long fringes with soft hair bands, no clips please. Parent’s of girls - remember to include a pair of socks if your child wears tights. Children who cannot remove their own earrings will be excluded from PE for health and safety reasons. Please clearly labelled all PE kit and footwear.



Daily reading of about ten minutes to an adult and five minutes looking at weekly spellings for their spelling test on Wednesday mornings. Please sign the Reading Record book each night when your child has read, indicating pages read. It would be helpful if you could leave a comment on how your child has read and/or any difficulties they might be having.

Homework will be given on Friday and is expected to be handed in by the following Wednesday.  



During this term, we will be visiting Warwick Castle in order to enrich the children’s learning and experience first-hand what life in a castle was really like. More information will provided nearer the time. We will also hold a medieval banquet with Year 1.



Our library time is on Monday afternoons. Children can take out a maximum of two books and keep them for two weeks. Please encourage your child to read their library books and return both books regularly.



Celebration assembly will continue to be held on Thursday afternoons. Please refer to our assembly schedule in our school entrance for our assembly themes.



May I please remind families that children are welcome to bring a 'healthy snack' to school to eat during their break. As an Enhanced Healthy School, we encourage all children to eat either a piece of fresh/dried fruit or vegetable, when children bring biscuits or crisps they will be asked to save them to eat at lunchtime. Thank you for supporting our school with being healthy!




I would like the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your child’s needs and progress. Two evenings are to be held on the 16th and 17th October. However, if you wish to discuss your child’s learning before this, or at any other time, you are welcome to make an appointment. If you need to speak with me before school please ask at the school office first, thank you.



Mrs Jackson, Year 2 Class Teacher


Mrs Jackson

Year 2 Teacher

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